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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 13, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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have a greatight. lou: a big day in america, we know now wher where the obama administration has refused for so long to tell the public, many americans have signed up for obamacare. hhs secretary sebelius confirms just a short time ago initial enroll am numbers are woefully short of administration's targets, and far below the lowered expectations. i am lou dobbs. good evening, the number is 106,000, that is how many harning have enrolled in health care plans in state and federal
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exchanges flew the first month of obamacare. to make matters wore the federal exchange in 36 states. on a conference call this afternoon, secretary sebelius revealed low number remember but thebut thenopened herself and administration to out right ridicule consistent with what massachusets experienced in its initial roll out of romneycare, sebelius did not reveal the number of people who actually paid for their new plans, and it not explain why the obama administration will withhold
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those numbers from the public until the middle of next month. >> the numbers are consis tent with roll out numbers that massachusets reported. we feel by 15 of december we'll be able to tell you how many have paid. lou: after hours of heated testimony in front of two separate house committees, the top government technology officials, grilled by house oversight on when the w site will be fixed. and why it was launched would proper techsy, department of homeland security official comment on the committee lack of cyber security. >> many house lawmakers gave the health care web site a failing grade, and want to know when taxpayers would get what was
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promised, top officials. white house chief technology officer said, it is not there yet. >> i would be comfortable saying that system has been comfortably handles at present. >> reporter: the administration promised that the oranguta obame would be fixed by the end of november. >> you have to tell us when it will be in good shape. is the end of the montrealistic? >> the team is working really hard to hit that goal. >> the fact on november b 13 yer not where we will be and' to be by november 30. it remains the case that we believe the site will be working smoothly for the vast majority
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users by the en of the month. >> reporter: 31% of those surveyed expressed confidence that the web site will be fixed. >> centers for medicare and medicaid service, and its contractor failed to fully deliver what they were supposed to deliver, congressional oversight is warned. >> one asked in health care do the gov is as secure? >> fully tests like the other rit projects you have overseen. >> i'm trying to continued what you moon by fully tested. >> fully tested? holy cow, this is like a new low. >> would you put your personal information about you and your loved ones in it. >> i recommended my sister who
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is unemployed right now to -- >> did she successfully register. >> i have not talked wit her lately. >> also house homeland security probed issue of on-line threats. >> how many cyberattacks have there been on the system? >> we're aware of one open source act attempting to perpetrate a denial of service attack against site that has been unsuccessful. >> reporter: tech officials did not want to predict how much money it will take on fix the web site. >> reporter: thank you very much. obamacare train wreck under cutting president obama's credibility, approval rating and support among congressional democrats, house and senate democracies desperate to fix that law, democrats frustrated with white house seeming
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inability to stop all of the negative fallout. >> reporter: the first month's enrollment was a fraction was of what was expected. only 27,000 were on federal instead of state web site, it is unclear how completed payment. 400,000 people have signed up for medicaid, and insurance's health insurance, even ber the numbers were released, white house press secretary was pushing down expectations. >> i promise you that no one will be satisfy the withs numbers because they will be below what we sought. >> reporter: white house officials blame problem with the hoff move we -- .
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2 thirds disapprove of the president's handling of healthcare, half of the nation said that the president knowing he lied. >> if was misleading american public. causing added stretz. >> he i believes that people of shift focus to improve medal church coverage, but the president admitted until within 10 that not everyone would be able to keep their house companies. >> not going to fix the problem.
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and does not stop obamacare from being a train wreck but it is a good first step. >> president's aide said that is wrong way to make good on mr. obama's promise. >> the bill would address the the problem discusses but would allow, insurers to sell new plans that are substandard. >> reporter: still, politically second our democrats like diana mine vin5959 feinstein is helpie others. the white house is promising a proposal, to help people afford more expensive insurance plans. >> thank you. turning from washington to new york.
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on wall street's record breaking y in the market. dow jones rhodes 71, s&p up 14, at new record highs. nazdaq up 46 points. cisco shares blue,ing. extendeed trading following weaker than expected earnings, and company's revenue could decline as much as 10%. >> federal reserve chairman said that labor market and economy are performing far show for must improve before the fed will reduce its asset purchases. we'rcoming right back. stay with us. >> glitch girl ha has been foun, she was the face of the obamacare train rec. by the way, she is not enrolled.
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lou: we know the identity of one-time face of, her name is adriana, a married mother, a permanent residence of united states, she applied for citizenship, and spoke out about being linked to the glitch-ridden web site. >> have you been dubbed glitch girl, the most despised phrase on the planet. did you ever anticipate this type of publicity and scrutiny. >> as a kid i never went through, that now i am, some
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sort of bullying. lou: she said despite beagle i being eligible she has not signed up. critics blasted, news web site web md for failing to disclose it has been paid to promote obamacare. a conflict of interest. an out right conflict of interest, paid well, $4.8 million, 37 times $1 third thousan130 youthat paid to balts to push the health care law, some fallout for james o'keefe newest under cover video captures obamacare navigators urging perspective enrollees in lie, dallas' urban league fired one of its navigators and suss span suspended three others, fos
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poll, 55% said they believe that obama administration obama administration tried to desev them, about obamacare, compared to 38% who think that administration's mistakes have been honest. >> 46% say we need toy there opponent care out and begin again. from 42% say, keep trying to fix it, 10% say, live it alone. let's find out what our guest tonight, andrea. co-host of the 5 on the fox news channel. thank you. i want to turn to adriana, she has become i think a metaphor for much has been going on with with obamacare itself. is is striking that, this thing just doesn't work. we still are having conflicting claims as whether or not it can
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be fixed by the end of the month as the administration promised. >> she is not who sh they said e was. now she is getting bullied like the many people are getting bullied who cannot log on, this is so fraudulant they are trying to do. not much different from changing jobs number equation before the presidential election. if they have a plan in their shopping cart, they are counted as being in obamacare, but we know, you cannot count someone until they pay, this is fuzzy math. lou: some seems appalling, they have 27,000 sign ups enrollees over the site itself, and 36 states that are federal
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exchanges. the rest come from state exchanges, i mean this is getting laborious, and absurd. >> i tell you, every day, it gets worse, you wonder where it is going to bottom out for this administration, i would say metaphor in this town for obamacare is a senator named kay hagan, a moderate democrat from north carolina was leading in her reelect fight next year, up by 15 points, she is tied in north carolina people tell politickers reason where because of obamacare, so many democrats are running scares for 2014. lou: there are 16 senators, the caucus today meeting to let the white house know, there is either a fix, which they consider to be reliable by
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friday or there is going to be a -- looks like there will be a least a threatened -- they will be joining up with upton on his legislation make sure people are able to keep their insurance. >> all a farce. how are they able to keep their plans, i would love for a democratic law maker to explain to me, this is a fake, phony strategy like if youment your doctor you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, old plans did not exist any more, to say people can keep them, means they are against the law, lou, that law that democrats wrote, i am wondering how are they going to reconcile this, insurance companies are not extending them forever maybe a couple of months, delaying portion for enrolenrollment we all know, ths does not make sense. it is just window dressing.
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and lies. lou: i want to raise the issue. greg, no one is talking about the insurance companies, health care providers in league with this administration. choice future profit models at risk with obamare model, itself. this is a very uncomfortable if you will, alliance as far as i'm concerned your thoughts. >> that could be an interesting short for investor if the white house caves in does the incandescent. that is greatly de-- inevitable that is grittily delay sign period and penalty, and maybe tries to come up with a scheme people can keep their plans issue as this unravels, but one few losers will be, the insurance companies. lou: i think president obama will subsidize the insurance companies. but you hit the nail on the head, where are the shareholders of these insurance companies, i would be demanding answers from
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management about the financial implications, i promise, you president will, that is the next move, use your money to subsidize insurance companies. lou: i am curious, folks wonder why this is only broadcast raising the issue in the insurance companies. >> thank you. >> greg. >> thank you. lou: you know what i mean. thank you. up next, angry democrats tell white house to fix obamacare by friday or else, congressman tom price wants to know what took so long, he is joining us next. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles
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lou: leading democratic activist congressman luis gutierrez wants to give illegal immigrants a christmas present, amnesty. >> they are going away for christmas and thanksgiving with families, while our broken immigration system continues to destroy tens of thousands of families. lou: speaker john boehner said that house will continue with its incremental approach to reforming immigration with emphasis on border security,
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there will be no negotiation with senate on amnesty bill. why are they ad adam ant. thethe afl-cio sees some illegal immigrants as some of the quote likeliest recruits for organized labor. ing in to the dismal number of enrollees our next guest points to millions of insurance plan cancelation, vast majority of obamacare enroll am have been in medicaid. not in the private insurance and fights for a repeal of obamacare, joining us congressman tom price, who serves on house budget committee and house ways and means commity and as orthopedic surgeon he wenspent 20 years caring for
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patients. we're dealing with simple subjects here just the budget, just obamacare. as look at numbers, repeal of obama character. -- obamacare. defunding it, now democratic caucus meeting saying, to administration we want to fixed by friday or else. >> you can't make it stuff up. this is what the republicans have been fighting about for last 3 1/2 years. this plan does not work, this law does not work, it does not work for patients or doctors or families or employe or states or federal government. kinds of thing we've been saying are coming to pass now, american people are recognizing that oh, look it was the republican conference that was actualing the truth, not -- that was telling the truth not the president. we're we are, democracy in
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senate up for reelection in 2015 2014, are saying, we have to do something. lou: your colleague from texas, chair of house homeland security committee, reveal estimated 500 fraudulent web site posing at on top of everything else, we didn't hear chief technology officer for white house say, you know we have a secure web site, it may be broken but we have a secure web site that will protect all of your personal information. >> they can't say that because it is not true. the fact is that -- that -- lou: it has not stopped them in other instances. >> you are right. but, we're going to see more and more problem with it, it will be a new problem. first web design, and then if you like what you have, you can keep it people realize that not true. soon it will be cost, they will
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be skyrocketing and data breaches and identity theft is is going to occur. this is a terrible law, but the problem is, it is doing real law to real people, time for president to stay stop the madness. lou: you folk on solutions, and as a physician you care about people. this is about people. >> right. lou: what are solutions that em first, the most simple, simplest and direct? >> i always try to bring this issue back to patients, patients and family and doctors need to make medical decisions not washington d.c. or insurance companies. truth that there are wonderful positive solution says that result in that patient-centered healthcare, you can get folks covered with their insurance they want and select. not that government forces them.
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you can solve insurance challenge afford billy and preexisting without putting washington in change, you can safe hundreds of billion without raising taxes a penny, or putting president in charge of health care, hr320 is the bill we authored, president said he wants solutions we got them let's talk. lou: on another difficult subject, budget. your conference committee, meeting today, are we looking at prospect of second quester dissolve -- sequester dissolved and more taxes and more spending >> no there is no reason to chase taxes to chase an ever increasing spending, as i said today, we have to learn to walk before we can run. i think we need a targeted agreement, i am hopeful we can get there, i think there is a
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path to an agreement that mitigates the across board cuts of the sequester, does not elevate spending. it would decrease spending more. so it looks like somebody has looked at it with common sense. gerri: we're out of time. is there sufficient common sense in that bipartisan conference committee to prevent the discussion of takes up tax code and reforming it. >> we won't do that in the budget committee. >> in regular order. >> in regular order. lou: excellent, great news, congressman always good to talk with you. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, latest details s devastating typhoon in philippines we're coming right back. >> obama administration obama administration pressing for a nuclear deal with iran.
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>> rising concerns as the philippines are descending into chaos. one of the most powerful storms ever to hit land. widespread looting, at least eight people were questioned. the massive international effort for eight is raving up, but not quickly enough for the 600,000 people who have been displaced. the official death toll is at 2300 and that is expected to rise and significantly so. please assist.
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you can text message to the red cross for a donation or to unicef as well. 864233, donate to these numbers on your screen. you can donate their as well. vice president joe biden, secretary john kerry went through trying to persuade the senate to not put forward the sanctions for iran, the closed-door hearing appearance comes a week before the nuclear negotiations.
10:35 pm
>> what we are asking everyone to deal his calm down and look hard at what can be achieved and what the realities are. lou: joining me is john negroponte. he is an ambassador to iraq and honduras and mexico and the philippines, in addition to being an ambassador to the united nations and its great to have you with us, sir. >> thank you. lou: it seems like there's a rather difficult balancing act and we are moving in the senate, they are moving toward stronger sanctions. so what are your thoughts?
10:36 pm
>> so most of all we ought to be interested in outcomes and what is it that we want for the negotiations and i think that what we want to see is for iran highly enriched uranium, that is to say uranium enriched to 20% to be removed from the country. and this includes other enrichment activities and that there be a strong international inspection regime to prevent the possibility of some kind of breakout activity by the country lou: secretary john kerry said the united states are not blind fools. they are protesting the talks in the case of the french. prime minister netanyahu in
10:37 pm
israel said that this is a very bad deal. and how will this affect our administration? >> i think when they make statements we have to pay a lot of attention and i can certainly tell you that in the bush administration we tried as much as we could particularly on matters so sensitive i take notice when my country expresses this and especially when the country of israel expresses reservations. this would result in a partial alleviation and i'm a little bit
10:38 pm
leery of that approach. in this includes a final arrangement that is well inside and pretty much assured. lou: this administration can no longer claim in this includes the united states, being a strong nation, would you expect next week in geneva in those talks? >> i think it's important that we have a good understanding with our allies and our own congress, it's very necessary. i would err on the side of caution.
10:39 pm
>> it has the fallen a following a great nation and we have a special relationship and terrific people. he served as ambassador to the philippines and a cochair to the u.s. philippines society. and are we doing more in this includes a way to contribute to the way that we are suffering as a people from this disaster. they are a long-standing frien and ally and a key country.
10:40 pm
and the philippine economy, until this tragedy struck was averaging about 7% economic growth a year the philippines is back on the uptake. lou: as he said, they desperately need our help and we will make certain that the u.s. is a society does their best go to our facebook page, find it at dobbs and don't forget. all of those numbers as well.
10:41 pm
the president approval rating coming out. we will take th
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>> joining us now is the "a-team." we have monica crowley and judith miller, former white house political director under george bush. good to have you all with us. we have a contest on capitol hill. the improved sanctions. >> i think that viva lafrance, the french of all people, the french pulled us back from an
10:45 pm
agreement which would be very good for the iranians. and it's not over. lou: isn't important? >> guesstimate but i don't think congress will align themselves with the french. >> there is a bipartisan contempt with what secretary john kerry had to say. and there are a lot of folks on
10:46 pm
capitol hill with the resistance has only grown stronger against what the administration is trying to do. and it is we can do to the obamacare debacle. the republicans are taking this approach and they continue to screw up and lie about screwing up. it's really becoming that simpl and it's become a chain reaction of this and the first rule is to self-destruct and that is what we are seeing the president obama many people can't keep the insurance and the political side think that's a very enjoyable.
10:47 pm
and that includes a pass on this problem, having a bill to say that americans should be able to get their health care insurance. i applaud republicans for doing this. we prescribing a remedy for obamacare and is there an appetite in the senate, will harry reid permit such legislation and many of them are going to join us to get this thing fixed. >> i'm talking about what the republicans are doing and i think people have something with what the president proposes. he has lied and not governed and
10:48 pm
been responsible in carrying out the policy. >> i'm not sure i would use the word why. lou: ideal because he lied to the american people and he lied 29 times. >> you might've been misinformed by the people. >> sure, mr. president,. >> do you really want to claim ignorance? a man who is so intelligent and so capable. i think the word is a very powerful word. and we do not tolerate it from our executives and our president and i don't think anyone in the media ever could tolerate it. >> but i don't know for a fact. >> we will be right back and i
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admire her gentle way and i will try to conform to that as well. i just have such a hard time with the facts there. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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arbiters as we establish what our states have talked about. did the president lie? >> no, i have five kids and i would call this a very bad there
10:53 pm
that i would tell one of my kids what they said. now, he tells us how smart he is and he tells us he's one of the best political directors possible. and he tells us how smart he is and how did he not know that his own policy that he ran for reelection on was going to affect the health care system so much that we are going to lose our doctors and loser insurance so we want to use? lou: so your conclusion if he lied and lied about lying? >> you are using different words, but that is accurate. [laughter] >> it's like an incorrect promise or something. [laughter] >> when i came on your show last year, there was a whole section on what just happened, which many people are asking about to this day and there is a section in my book published a year and a half ago called the skinny
10:54 pm
socialist is a big fat liar. we knew then, we knew from the beginning that this is the cornerstone of the fundamental transformation of america, obamacare. you're trying to tell me that he didn't know point-blank that he wasn't telling the truth to the american people? in fact, he deliberately lied because it is baked into the cake and these are not unintended consequences, these are intended consequences. you cannot have obamacare function without a destruction of the private insurance market and he knew that this is going to happen because it was supposed to. >> people on the left has said the exact opposite of what you need it. which is a single-payer system. you get there by having this enclave. this includes the republican plan for massachusetts. let me just say that citizenens
10:55 pm
are very happy with that plan. >> they are trying to compare the rollout of omnicare to the rollout of obamacare. we are going to compare things. the question here is does this open up a rule for hillary clinton to say that we have problems. >> remember that.
10:56 pm
>> they are on the record saying that obamacare is simply a way hair. they don't work, now we only have one choice and they are smart enough to be thoughtful and careful. >> this is a disaster. this is a disaster for the president and he knows that he is in desperate trouble. he knows that.
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